Play live together online

Ultra low latency. The best of hardware and software.

Plug & play setup. Get up & running in no time.

Studio Quality Audio. No compression, no compromise.

Intro to Elk LIVE

By  Leon Todd

“I love playing with Elk LIVE. Creating musical moments connecting from wherever you are.” Hattie Webb - artist

“I think Elk LIVE has a real ability to transform the way that people think about music-making.”Matthew Shilvock - General Director, San Francisco Opera

“Elk LIVE will become a product to safeguard collaboration that wouldn’t happen without it.”Sharooz Raoofi - Producer

“Ikiz and I are sitting 670 km away from each other. And still, we can play with no latency at all.” Nils Landgren - Jazz musician


The yellow box comes with all you need to get started. Check out this video for a classic unboxing and how to connect everything.

The Studio

Ok, after that unboxing it’s time to get meet the Elk LIVE studio. This video shows the Elk LIVE studio basics and how to set up your account. After that you’re all set to start your first session.

First session

It's session time!  Take a look at how to invite to a session and the in-session controls. After this you should be all good to go.

The Bridge

Ready for anything with 2 analog combo connector inputs

(XLR / TRS) selectable between:
Line / Microphone / Instrument.

Say no to adapters

Selectable headphone output - 1/4″ / 3,5mm.

All connections needed

with 2 unbalanced line outputs as well as ADAT, S/PDIF & MIDI.

The Bridge,
the starting point for Elk LIVE

A new way of making music. Just plug in, launch the studio and you're ready to do what Elk LIVE is all about – make music.

The Studio

Meet Elk LIVE Studio

Your browser-based session control room.

Set up and administer your sessions in no time.

Gives you total control of your Bridge

Send two channels of audio and receive the same from each player.

Connect up to 5 people in different locations

Play together like you are in the same room.

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