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Taylor Danley - Review

Jordan Rudess - first impression

Foreigner - Remote songwriting

Stockholm - Madrid

Leon Todd - First impressions

Jazz gig between Sweden & Finland

“Elk LIVE sounds better than any PA or headphone system you’ll find in most practice spaces, and you don’t have to leave your house.”
“If getting together IRL just isn’t feasible, this system is capable of breaking down the practical barriers that previously made playing together over the internet impossible.”
“Ikiz and I are sitting 670 km away from each other, with no latency at all.”
Nils Landgren - Jazz musician
“I don’t know what voodoo magic they do over at Elk! We are jamming together 450 miles apart. Incredible!”
Eric Ventimiglia - 5606 Guitarist/Singer
"This is a game changer. The first time I used it, I could barely believe it was happening."
Jeff Pilson - Foreigner Bass Player

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