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Elk LIVE overview

Elk LIVE start a session

Elk LIVE in one sentence:

“A place to jam live online, kind of like a zoom or google meeting,
but with pro musician features and ultra-low latency.”

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the backstage view
“gather your friends”

The backstage view is your starting point and where you connect with old and new friends, get updates, and start sessions.

Is your drummer online? Looking for a jazzy bass player? Has someone requested to become your friend? You find it all right here!

the video view
“jam with a view”

Yes, we are super focused on making sure your audio sound as sweet as possible, but seeing your fab friends when playing will for sure add that extra live feeling. And who knows, maybe streaming your jams will be a feature later on...

the mixer view
“turn it up to 11”

Getting those levels correct is just a click away, meet our mixer view!
Get in control of all your ins and outs, and tweak those knobs and faders for all incoming and outgoing audio, giving you that goosebumpin’ mix!

use any
audio interface...

We support all audio interfaces, as long as it has some ins and outs to connect your gear, you’re all good to go!

...or the bridge!

Our very own shiny yellow interface for a smoooth ride into the wonderful world of Elk LIVE. Read more and buy it HERE!

  • Is it really free?  Yes! While we beta-test the new native Elk LIVE Studio for macOS, Elk LIVE is 100% free for all!
  • What about Windows users? A native Elk LIVE Studio for Windows is coming, but as of today, you'll need an Elk Bridge if you're on Windows. Make sure to sign up to keep yourself updated!
  • Why can’t I just use zoom or google meet? They’re perfect for meetings, but for live jams you need our ultra-low latency. Feel free to try it out. We're right here when you come back.
  • Do I need to buy the bridge? No. With the native Elk LIVE Studio, any soundcard will do. However, the Elk Bridge is a perfect choice if you don’t already have an external soundcard yet or if you're on a windows computer.
  • Can I play with anyone? Yes! As long as they are registered. Elk LIVE is the perfect place to find new people to jam with!
Join for free!
Register, Download, Start Jamming!