Los Angeles (US)




Songwriting & jamming

Foreigner Bassist and Music Director, Jeff Pilson’s well-equipped studio has all his favorite guitars – a Gibson ’63 T-Bird, Hofner Violin Beatle Bass, an Ampeg 8-string, and a custom-built Marvin Guitars 10-string.  He loves making music there, but it wasn’t always possible until he came across Elk LIVE.

“Even if you live in the same state – it can oftentimes be a challenge to get together. People have busy lives. When we are on the road we do 100 shows or more a year. So to be able to collaborate remotely from our home studio – even for just an hour is huge. I don’t need to take half a day to run down to Michael’s to put a keyboard on something I was working on.  We can create music from our own studios where we have our own specialized gear – mics, vintage guitars etc.- to write new songs, experiment and even record. That’s powerful!”

In addition to bringing a level of convenience busy musicians are looking for, Pilson hit on Elk’s ability to preserve the experience of creative collaboration – the energy and emotional reaction that all artists get from real-time interaction.

“The intrinsic pieces of music that move people emotionally haven’t changed. Technology can’t cover it up, mask it or substitute it. Technology helps us find the best way to facilitate and support a great song, great lyrics, great singer etc. The biggest element missing was the ability to play in real-time remotely. You just could not do it. The back and forth to compensate for latency challenges dissipated the creative energy.  Elk LIVE is a huge technological shift that changes the playing field”

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