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Songwriting & rehearsing

Peekaboom, never wanting to be just “a classic bass and vocal duo”, has always tried to merge their sound with electronic stuff and have technology be a real part of it.

– I think our huge use of electronics is what really sets us apart, says Simone. We really love technology! Even though we play live a lot, we kind of got our start on the internet. One of the first things we did was a cover of Lenny Kravitz’s ”Always on the Run”, just for fun, in my room in Bologna. We put it on Instagram and then Lenny Kravitz commented on it. It was so funny because I imagined Lenny Kravitz in his house, watching our video, and then: ”cool guys, yeah!”

So you’ve been using Elk LIVE for a while now. What is your take on it?

Simone: Elk saved our career and maybe even our lives! I live in the north center of Italy. And Angelica lives in Udine, that’s all the way to the northeast of Italy. First Elk saved us because of COVID and now because of the high cost of fuel in Italy, travel is extremely expensive here. But what is so incredible with Elk LIVE is that we now can be productive and rehearse, for real, live, from our homes!

Do you use it mainly for rehearsing or writing as well?

Simone: Both! The cool thing about Elk is that instead of having to call Angelica and say “Listen Angelica, I have this idea ” and Angelica saying ”Okay, send me these on wetransfer. I will listen to it this evening, and tomorrow I will send you back some ideas”, we can easily, on short notice, do a brief last-minute rehearsal live!

Instead, the conversation will be ”Angelica, please connect and turn on Elk, listen to this” ”Okay, wonderful. These are my ideas for vocals on this. Wonderful okay.” Bam, go to lunch. If you wait you can lose the idea. With Elk LIVE you can be extremely productive. I really hope musicians around the world get connected with Elk.

Sounds like Elk changed how you work?

Angelica: Definitely, yes!

Simone: Actually, I’m hoping that all the musicians we work with will get Elk. Everything will be so easy. It can really improve the way a musician gets his work done. Now I really want to try and test the limit of the hardware, test the limit of the connection, and find new people to play with.

Angelica: Yes, connect us with some Scandinavian musicians! It would be a dream to jam with someone so far away.

What’s next for Peekaboom?

Angelica: I’m just about to have my second baby, but with the help of Elk I’m sure we can go back on the road again this summer. Absolutely!

Simone: We also have plans for new videos and a new album. We have an idea of doing something like an Elk LIVE session album because we’ve recorded a lot of stuff during our jams.

Cool! Any last words before I let you go?

Angelica: I don’t think people can imagine that something like this works in the way it works.

Simone: The world needs to know that live rehearsal and recording, but also avoiding long travel and travel expense, is possible now with Elk LIVE!

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